MAKE aN Appointment for a magical ‘Berefijn’ moment

Make an appointment now !

Making your own teddy bear is a unique moment and we want to keep this 100% unique, which is why we only work by appointment. No crowds around you, you are here all alone.

With entertainment from our Bear Wizard, this unique moment will be even more special.

You will arrive in a fantastic bear shop full of magic, a luxurious chair is ready for you, you are the king or queen of the bear shop and together we enjoy this unique private moment.

You will not end up in a large store, where visitors walk around you, where you are left unseen with shop assistants walking around you, no, Berefijn is unique and offers you a wonderful moment.

We love the atmosphere, the music, the entertainment and that unique private moment that everyone enjoys. Children, teenagers and adults alike love that too. Not only our ‘Berefijn Makers’, but also accompanying mums, dads, grandparents, godparents and godmothers.

A Unique and Private Berefijn moment for a small price! Berefijn, isn’t it?

Make an appointment now. Be sure to indicate the correct number of Bear Makers you are bringing. And don’t forget to include their names, ages and all other important info in the ‘Remarks’ field.

Important note: Even though the reservation form for making an appointment is in Dutch, you will still be warmly welcomed in English !!


The booking module is unfortunately only available in Dutch. Nevertheless, we will warmly welcome you in English!

A word of explanation:

What does our agenda look like?
* GRAY day = NO moments are possible on thes day (you will receive the message: choose another day)
* RED day = on this day there are NO more moments free
* GREEN day = there are still free moments on this day
* RED hours = FULL

Then, you choose a date and time.

Then you fill in a few fields ( e.g. name and surname, e-mail, phone number, full address, the number of ‘Bear Makers’, potentially also the occasion, …).

Would you like an appointment for a date that is not yet available online?
We only open our agenda a few weeks prior to a new month, in order to be able to coordinate the Berefijne moments and Berefijne Feestjes correctly.

Then send an email to with the following information:

Name + address details + the month in which you wish to come + data and age of the bear makers.
Berefijn can NOT take into account the days and/or hours you have set.
Private moments are NOT accepted in advance!
If Berefijn has received the email with your details, we will put you on our list.
As soon as it is possible to make an appointment online, we will inform you by email. You can then schedule an appointment yourself.

Booking fees

When booking a Berefijn moment you pay a reservation cost per person who will make a teddy bear.These costs represent the administration, reservation and all facilities used during your Berefijn unique private moment. These costs are not deducted during your Berefijn moment, you pay during your Berefijn moment for all products that you purchase at that time.Your appointment is only final after receipt of the reservation fee.

Make an appointment right now

Appointment = Appointment, but … if you are unable to attend …

Berefijn works with a unique and personal approach. But this can only be done if agreements made are adhered to. You can cancel or reschedule an appointment up to 7 days in advance and only by telephone +32 3 480 10 18.
Cancellations by e-mail are not accepted.
A cancellation of an appointment prevents us from guaranteeing other customers the service for which they trust us. If you do not cancel in time, we are forced to withhold your reservation cost and you will have to pay this again for a next reservation.