• Product info: Teddy bear Pol
  • Cuddle animal: Polar Bear
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 40 cm
  • You will receive a blank berefijne birth certificate with this teddy bear.
  • At checkout you can choose between one of the following filling options:
  • Option 1: Pol will be filled by Berefijn.
  • More information about how Berefijn fills your teddy bear? CLICK HERE
  • Option 2: You wish to fill Pol yourself at home (loose filling will be sent separately).
  • If you choose to have Berefijn fill your teddy bear and you buy purchase a sound/heartbeat, scent and/or wishful heart then this teddy bear is left open at the back so that you can add the extra purchased item to your teddy bear yourself. Then close your teddy bear with a handy closure.

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